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Some of Flippy Popular Games

Flippy Bottle Extreme was Top 1 in the US, UK and several other countries back in 2016. Having 19 Million downloads total so far, its our most popular game.

But don’t forget our fun favorites like Make Tusok the Fishball, Quicky Charge Extreme, Make Pana Blue Eagle and SamgyupSaLaro as well!

Make Tusok the Fishball

Tusukin lang mga Streetfood
Fishball, sili, bacon, whatevs, lahat available para tusukin
Free w/ IAP

Quick Charge Extreme

Simple Charge The Battery
Make sure your charge is exact, else its gonna be bad, like really bad
Free w/ Ads

Master Shaker

Intense Phone Shaking
Shake shake all day, simple mechanics, many modes
Free w/ Ads

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