“Flippy Bottle Extreme” Journeys to US, UK Top Charts – A Philippine Mobile Game

Manila, Philippines – Top 12 US Android Action, Top 8 in UK Android Action,  and Top 82 US iOS, among the toughest markets to go in, but we are proud that our baby Flippy Bottle Extreme were able to take on the world! Learn the story of the game as you read on.


We at Most Played Games are really proud of every game we produce. Each game is our baby, and we try our best to make them grow to become awesome members of the game society, of course with the main purpose to entertain people! As such, it is of great joy that we see one of our babies becoming something extraordinary, and enters “Flippy Bottle Extreme”.

Before Flippy Bottle Extreme came, we were stuck with 1 game for 3 weeks, a super record in our case since we usually finish our games within 1 – 5 days. After 3 weeks on this game, we didn’t feel it was special enough. Sometimes we opt to release games even if they are not special just to get them done, just to let them go and let at least other people see them, but after trying to make the game special we still didn’t feel its something cool and this is a different case since I really wanted to make this game work! So thats when we decided, what the heck, lets jam first on a new game and lets continue this later. Maybe we can get some fresh ideas when we park it first. Then comes Flippy Bottle Extreme!

First Studies

Flippy Bottle Extreme started out as a fun project for us ( hmmm but as always we try to have fun ). After 3 weeks trying to make the previous game special, we felt Flippy is really special after 1 hour of testing it. We love the game even just in starting phase. With this, we went full on it and everything just came naturally, and we finished the first version in 2 days.

The game was well received, and it grew organically and now it is reaching US and UK and Several Countries Top Charts! The game’s journey hasn’t ended, its still growing, but we’d like to document how our Journey went. Pictures below show is one of the reasons why we make games!

Android Charts ( AppAnnie )

Notables : Latvia Top 6 Action, UK Top 8 Action, Spain Top 9 Action, and tons of countries in Top 100 ( ecstatic about UK, of course didn’t expect this overwhelming feedback )charts2.png

iOS Charts ( AppAnnie )

Notables : Iceland Top 7 Arcade, Finland Top 17 Action, US Top 82 Action and more yellows ( iOS US is close to my heart, even if we are just 81, its still a proud achievement for us! )charts12.png

Awesome right? We never knew as well we would be getting this kind of response! Proud Pinoy game developer here, so for those who have dreams in game development, don’t just let them stay as a dream, work very hard, make mistakes, learn, grow, and make them happen! Even if we still consider this a small hit ( we’re yet to see the end of the journey ), part of our dream already got realized and of course we are super proud of it. Still lots of games left to do and Flippy’s Journey hasn’t ended yet so if you want more news on the game please like us on our FB Page. ( https://facebook.com/mostplayedmobile/ )

We are extremely grateful for what we have right now, and for all those who helped us, a big thanks to all of you!

If you learned something, or found our story to be cool, or you just feel awesome, help your fellow game developer and download Flippy Bottle Extreme ( links below ) and share this to your friends! And maybe we can take Flippy Bottle Extreme even further!

Download Android ➡️ http://bit.ly/FBEmpgDownload IOS ➡️ http://bit.ly/FBEmpg2 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vCTR7ZVtgNQ

Derrickunderur Resident Geek



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