‘Flippy Bottle Extreme’ makes it to Top 1 in UK, Finland, Spain, Denmark – and NEW UPDATE TEASER!!!

Manila, Philippines – We at Most Played Games are proud to announce that ‘Flippy Bottle Extreme’ makes it to Top 1 in UK, Finland, Spain, Denmark, Estonia in Action Games category! We also already have 350k downloads in Google Play in a Week from Launch. We think thats something right? We also have more milestones and also some insights as a commercial game developer, and updates ( TEASER IMAGE ) on the game as you continue reading the article.

A year ago, our CEO, Derrick Mapagu, created the brand ‘Most Played Games’. His vision is to create a game that a Billion players will play, thus having the name ‘Most Played’. With that, we at most played cater to worldwide market, and we try to have a very wide audience to be able to accomplish this vision *not easy*. We strongly feel that this milestone for us is a very important one since it takes us closer to our vision! We are really thankful of course of this milestone and we will work even harder to accomplish more! Support us too!

Going back, we are constantly monitoring the journey of our game and we are really happy we are still on a good momentum and are still achieving milestones! See below!

Android ( App Annie )

This one deserves a plaque to be seen by our ancestors. First Number 1s of Most Played Games in Action Games for Finland, Spain, UK, Denmark. Top 5 US too *cries*. And also a lot of numbers 2s and Top 10s. We are really happy about the feedback on European countries! Lets hope other countries makes it to Top 1 as well!


iOS ( App Annie )

Finland is really something. We love Finland. But here we are number 1 in Estonia! And still lots of yellow and growth.


We top the Action category, but hopefully of course, we hope to be at the main Games category! Wish us luck and support us too!

We are also now planning our new updates. Would like to share some of our insights on how we plan for our updates.

Planning for Next Updates – Listening to Players

We value our players a lot! It is important for a developer to listen to your players! In previous update, we took some suggestions from one of our players for new bottle types, and we incorporated it in the game, even credited the guy as well. To be specific, its the Bong, Ketchup bottles! We also launched some campaigns to ask players for suggestions. Remember that as a developer, especially for commercial games, that you are not making a game for yourself, you are making the game for your players. Always listen, have an open ear, and make sure to engage with your players to ensure your game will be as engaging as possible for them!

Planning for Next Updates – Make use of Media Channels

Make sure as game developers, you make use of all the media channels that you can. If limited in resources, try to identify what major social media channel is used by your target market and capitalize and focus your time on that. Make sure you can be reached by your players for what ever! Value every player, that is our motto! Our CEO ( Derrick ), even replies personally to these messages. That’s how we value our players!

For players reading, know that we are trying our best to always cater to your comments and suggestions. We cannot of course cater to all, but rest assured, we are doing our best with the resources we have. Just keep on suggesting and giving feedback to the games and we will try our best to consider it!

New Updates This Week

We are also doing a new update this week! If you have suggestions on new modes. Feel free to reply here or in our social media channels! Teaser would be — ITS GOING TO BE A TALL ORDER!!! ( Guess what the Image is? )


With that, we can officially call ‘Flippy Bottle Extreme’ a Most Played Game!

Again, thanks for the overwhelming support and feedback on our games. We are extremely grateful on the outcome of this game. We hope that you support our future games as well! We are going to have more fun together!

If you learned something, or found our story to be cool, or you just feel awesome, help your fellow game developer and download Flippy Bottle Extreme ( links below ) and share this to your friends! And maybe we can take Flippy Bottle Extreme even further!

Download Android ➡️ http://bit.ly/FBEmpgDownload IOS ➡️ http://bit.ly/FBEmpg2 DerrickO / Foundersident Geek



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