Top 5 Casual Games for Commuters

Games have been saving bored people since 1970. Today, games are a part of peoples lives especially during commute! Here is a list of our top choices for mobile games to play on-the-go.

1. Mr. Bullet – Spy Puzzles

Shoot your way towards peace! Save the world with your deadly accuracy and puzzle solving abilities. Take down a variety of bad guys around the world and become the most legendary super agent! You are sure to kill that boredom that is slowly creeping its way toward you. Save yourself the long hours of staring outside the window!

2. House Paint

Sit back and relax your mind with this painting game. Cute and colorful vibes will take your stress of commuting away. Paint your dream house with your brush and make it pop. You can play this while walking too!

3. Polysphere

Swipe to rotate the puzzle until you see a complete picture. Dive into the world of 3D puzzles with vibrant colors! We enjoyed playing Polysphere but some of the puzzles are hard. You’ll need some patience but overall the game is great for long hours in traffic. Relax and enjoy the masterpieces you will create!

4. Puzzle Fuzzle

Puzzle Fuzzle puts a twist on picture games for mobile. You are tasked of re-creating the object that is specified on the top by using the different parts of the picture at the bottom. Figuring out how to create the requested objected is a lot of fun. Using your imagination and wit to solve the puzzles is a good way of exercising your brain while commuting.

5. Jelly Shift

Jelly Shift is an endless runner combined with the Hole in a Wall type of mechanics. There is just something satisfyingly good about fitting the jelly into those obstacles. Great game to play anytime. Try it out!

Flippy Bottle Extreme

Wanna be the Master of Flip? Flip the Bottle to Extreme Victory! Go around the house and outdoors as you play the latest craze of Flipping those awesome bottles away!


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